Best Places To Take Photos

Take your camera with you everywhere and keep experimenting with ways to take pictures and special effects. You will eventually be able to take unique, interesting shots that you will love to show to your friends and family. Maybe you will get the bug and become a professional photographer.

7In fact, there are so many people out there who are certainly amateur photographers. Today, it is basically one of the biggest and funnest hobbies around. Many people spend a lot of time and money enjoying that hobby. There really is an endless supply of places and locations to take beautiful photos for many people who love taking photographs. You could absolutely capture great shots in any place in the world. But for those short on ideas on where to take some great freelance shots, here are a few.

First of all, at weddings is basically one of the most memorable event for most people. It is definitely among those places that really offers wonderful opportunities for perfect photos. I should know from my experience as a wedding photographer. Wedding album is one of the most secured and kept photo albums in people’s homes and that is the reason why. For most people in this world, it is just a great day. So take advantage of the wedding events that you go to so that you can really take some great photos.

Another venue I discovered by accident in my commercial photographer service is crowds of people. If you like to perfectly capture spontaneous moments and events, then this is a place you will definitely love. There will be a lot of chances and opportunities for you to grab people’s emotions you can’t help but get great photos. So next time you are thinking of locations and places to capture people in photos, just think of large gatherings of people.

Another place that is sort of inline with that are major events. Things like fairs or sporting events are rich with opportunities to take wonderful photos. As an event photography service I have had this chance first hand.

There are definitely many great moments which deserve to be taken forever on film. Well if you attend this large events always bring your camera with you because you will get great photo opportunities.

These are just a few of the best places where you can really capture great photos as you can see. The list is actually endless with just a little of imagination. Here are a some of those places here in London

1) Big Ben, Parliament

Houses of Parliament are beautiful iconic structures that to many folks represent London. Photos of these places are recognized worldwide, and for good reason – this place is awesome!

2) The Tower Bridge

I recommend you line up on the south side of the River Thames, and over by their City Hall (another great building to shoot). There is a wide pedestrian walkway there, and there are a lot of other photographers standing there, waiting for just the right light.

3) Red phone booths With cell phones being so common these days, I doubt these get any use (assuming they even work) and it would not surprise me if they disappear one day, so hurry up and get the shot! You can find several just near Westminster Abbey and probably some other places in London too.


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